October 2013 Update

Orphanage Trip to Sevastopol

At the end of September Dnipro Kids (with assistance from Carlsberg Slavutich) funded a 3 day trip to Sevastopol for both the Tabachnaya and Topolinaya orphanages. Due to the length of the trip, and the number of places visited, the update for this will be sent out separately in the coming week.

It was an amazing trip, and there’s some excellent photos, so keep an eye out for the update arriving and be sure to spend a few minutes reading through it .. you wont be disappointed.

Tabachnaya and Topolinaya orphanages merging

In line with the current Ukrainian policy of moving away from orphanages, and moving towards foster homes, October saw the closing of the Tabachnaya orphanage and the children being moved to the Topolinaya orphanage. During the course of the last year we have visited the Topolinaya orphanage on a few occassions so the charity is familiar with the orphanage and the director. This should allow us to carry on supporting the children from the Tabachnaya orphanage, as well as starting support for the children at the Topolinaya orphanage. 

Both orphanages were taken on an amazing trip to Sevastopol in the Crimea (as mentioned above, additional update on this coming shortly) and it proved to be an excellent way for the children to get to know each other in a neutral environment before the move. The staff involved with the trip commented on how it was beneficial for both the enjoyment of the children and their integration to the Topolinaya orphanage.

As I have mentioned previously this transitional period may cause delays with your child updates, and allocation of new kids, as Ira and the team get to know the children and build relations with the director.

Orphanage Graduations 

This year there were 9 older kids that graduated from school to college, and as a result moved from the orphanage to college accommodation.

As happens each year, Dnipro Kids was on hand to help send the kids out into the world with a helpful “starter pack”. The packs contained bedding, bath towels, dish towel, cooking pans, frying pan, kettle, cups and plates, cutlery .. and an alarm clock to make sure they get up for their lessons in time. The children that graduated were ..

Artem Borzyenko


Dima Choorsin


Katya Mamiko


Leonid Volyanskyi


Luba Gorodetskaya


Natasha Kanaryova


Olya Gilyeva


Ruslan Gerasimov


Sasha Libenko


Foster Home Birthdays

Not long after the graduation days there was a trip organised to the “Playland” amusement arcade at the City Most Complex, for children from the Foster Homes that had Autumn birthdays. The “Playland” arcade is similar to many of the arcades that we have in the UK, with arcade games, slot machines, bowling, play area, etc., available for the children to play. They purchase a set amount of tokens on entry and can use these in whichever machine, game or area that they wish.


After their time in “Playland” they were taken to the food court and pizza was served. 


It was then time to hand out the birthday gifts.

Firstly for the birthday kids at the Hasanskaya Foster Home ..

Natasha Pischik and Tanya Kotova had been envious of the nice animal patterned bed covers that Tonya Tarasova had got for her birthday in May, so this was there request for their birthday.

Misha Tarasov had asked for a set of headphones and a trendy shirt.

Dima Kotov and Sergei Varakuta both asked for a pair of trainers and a t-shirt.


Next up were the kids from Yana’s Foster Home

Vlada Rakita, previously from the Odinkovka orphanage, asked for a silver chain and cross.

Dima Oberemok and Sasha Sitnik wanted new trainers.


Finally there were 5 kids from Svetlana’s Foster Home.

Vitaliy Krohmal, Maksim Karlov, Artem Kuharenko and Natasha Lebedeva all wanted new trainers

Bogdan Krohmal celebrated his 4th birthday with “Lego” and a toy car


Child Sponsorship

If you are not already a Child Sponsor, and you have the means to do so, I would urge you to consider direct sponsorship of one of the children that we support in Dnipropetrovsk. Your monthly contributions will assist in providing birthday, Christmas and summer trips for these kids as well as helping to support the many other projects that we fund for the children.

As you can see from this short update, you have the ability to follow the fortunes of your sponsored child, with regular updates and photos.

For details about Child Sponsorship please email me directly steven@dniprokids.com


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Steven Carr,
Dnipro Appeal Committee.

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