February Update 2014

Dnipro Appeal Committee – Treasurer Needed
The Dnipro Appeal Committee needs someone to take on the role of treasurer from March/April onwards. If you have experience in this area, and would like to be a part of the Dnipro Appeal team, then please get in touch.

Valentines Day Party at Topolinaya Orphanage
Ira was invited to the Topolinaya orphanage to watch the kids celebrate Valentines Day with fun and games. First off the children were encouraged to show off their dancing and singing skills to impress their Valentine.

The ones that impressed the most in these routines then moved on to the next stage, where they had to become “couples” and prepare themselves for the final stage of the competition.

The last stage, to find the “Valentines Couple of the Day”, involved the couples competing against each other in a number of elimination games in order to find the “best” couple.

Ira tells us that the kids had great fun on the day, not just the ones playing the games but the ones watching them as well. And at the end Ira handed out sweets to all the kids as a thank you for the Dnipro Kids invitation.


Troubles in Ukraine


It is a very worrying time for the Ukrainian people at the moment, and of course this is going to be picked up on by the children as well. With the violent clashes in Kiev on the news and in the papers, and reports of around 100 people killed, it is obviously going to affect the thoughts of many of the children, the staff at the orphanage and the foster parents. It is a very uncertain future at the moment for Ukraine and we can only guess what that future might hold.

Despite these difficulties though, Dnipro Kids (with your support) intends to provide as much help as we can for the children in the coming year .. and whatever we are able to provide will hopefully go a long way in easing some of their worries.

Child Sponsorship
If you are not already a Child Sponsor, and you have the means to do so, I would urge you to consider direct sponsorship of one of the children that we support in Dnipropetrovsk. Your monthly contributions will assist in providing birthday, Christmas and summer trips for these kids as well as helping to support the many other projects that we fund for the children.

As you can see from the previous story, you have the ability to follow the fortunes of your sponsored child, with regular updates and photos.
For details about Child Sponsorship please email me directly steven@dniprokids.com

Visit the Facebook page and add Dnipro Kids to your friends list.

Steven Carr,
Dnipro Appeal Committee.

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