Sophie Mackenzie

Position: Fundraising


Sophie Mackenzie has worked in a variety of humanitarian contexts across Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe, placing a strong emphasis on grass-root collaboration. She has supported some of the world’s most vulnerable groups, including ex-child soldiers and child trafficking victims. In 2019, her collective impact was recognised in receiving the Red Cross' Young Humanitarian of the Year Award, and in 2020 she recieved a Royal Letter of Thanks from Kensington Palace. Sophie graduated from the University of Edinburgh where she studied a Masters in Law and International Relations (Hons). She has worked with, and for, renowned charities, such as UNICEF, the British Red Cross and Coram Children's Charity. Sophie often features as a human rights expert on the likes of BBC Radio London, Channel 4 and UN Women Live – and has also released a book, called Words By, which champions refugees voices. She joins Dnipro Kids with expertise in human rights law, asylum and refugee law, digital marketing and fundraising strategy.