What we do

IMG_3836RTThe Dnipro Appeal Child Sponsorship Scheme…The Way Ahead…

How did we start?

September 2005 and a UEFA Cup trip to the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk for Hibernian FC, sees a handful of supporters organise a charitable collection for some local orphans. Within a few months the idea has snowballed and the well meaning Hibernian support has an official charity to its name. One year on and the charity is still going strong and it seems that more and more members of the Hibernian Community are adopting the Dnipro Appeal as their charity of choice. For full details of how the charity has progressed you should spend some time reading through the news pages.

What do we do?

Well, in its first year the charity raised around £16,000 in donations from supporters and this has been used to help the children of Dnipropetrovsk in a number of ways. As well as purchasing items such as winter coats and boots it has also been used to purchase medical equipment and make repairs to the building where they live. It has also been used to purchase baby food, baby essentials and clothing for a Crisis Pregnancy Centre in the hope that helping mothers that are struggling to cope can prevent children from becoming orphans.

How is this done?

Quite simply it is down to the individual generosity of the ordinary supporter. The Dnipro Appeal Committee can organise events (such as the annual race night at the Hibernian Supporters Club) but we are dependant on the support from the Hibernian Community. As long as the Hibernian Community continue to support the charity with donations, then the Hibernian supporters that make up the Dnipro Appeal Committee will continue to work towards helping as many of the children of Dnipropetrovsk as they can.

What are we doing now?

At the moment the support we have received has enabled us to make quite a difference to the lives of the children we have managed to help. Thanks to the overwhelming support that the Hibernian community has given the charity, we have actually managed to add another orphanage to the list of places we are able to help out. The Odinkovka orphanage in Dnipropetrovsk has 50 orphans aged between 5 and 15. On our last visit we were able to buy each orphan new trainers and underwear, as well as gift them all a Hibs top and some chocolates. We were also able to purchase some toys and games for them to play with in the orphanage.

Does my donation make a difference?

At the moment we have a number of supporters that pay a monthly amount of £10 to the Dnipro Appeal. This money has recently been used to pay for the medical treatment of a girl called Nastya that was suffering from spinal problems. Without the operation there is no doubt that her condition would have worsened and she would have found life in Ukraine very difficult as her handicap worsened and she may have found it difficult to find work. It is hoped that a successful outcome to the operation will greatly improve her condition and give her a fighting chance in life. So, yes, your donation, however small, does indeed make a huge difference.

What about the future?

After seeing that the monthly donations of a couple of individuals has made such a difference we believe that if we can get the Hibernian community to commit long term to a monthly direct debit then it will allow the Dnipro Appeal Committee to take care of the needs of the orphans as and when they arise. The initial aim is to get all 50 orphans at the Odinkovka orphanage sponsored and if we can manage this then we can look towards expanding the help we can offer in Dnipropetrovsk.

How do I know I’m helping?

We have launched the Dnipro Child Sponsorship programme and anyone that commits to a monthly direct debit of £10 will be allocated one of the orphans at the Odinkovka orphanage. You will receive photos of your allocated child and will also receive regular updates on how they are progressing and also how your donation is helping.

How do I sign up?

You can contact us via the website contact page. We will then collect your details and help you to set up a monthly debit with your bank. Once on board we will send you a starter pack with a photo and details of the orphan your monthly donation will be assisting.