London Marathon 2018 fundraiser report


Fundraiser Michael Kerr shares his experience of running the London Marathon in aid of Dnipro Kids.

At the end of April, after a hard winter of training and fundraising, the big day drew near and I headed down with my partner, Holly, to London for the Marathon.

The news was full of stories about the heatwave and how this could be the hottest London Marathon on record, but we had to wait and see; it didn’t bode well considering just two weeks earlier I was training in snow!

After a day’s travel and unwinding, the morning of the race arrived, with bright blue skies and a 8am temperature of around 17C. It was going to be a hot one!, and then the travel to the start at Blackheath commenced.

Getting there and talking to fellow competitors on route about how our prep had gone, and how the weather would affect each other’s race, then it was time to head towards the starting pen, bumping into a couple of friends also running and wishing them well.

After 10am the race started and for the first few miles it started off well, just dodging the huge mass of runners, and soaking up the sight of the thousands of people lining the streets. However, after even a short time the heat started to take it’s toll, with run-through showers a welcome relief. After spotting Holly at mile nine to reassure her, then back on it and then the welcome sight of Tower Bridge and reaching half-way it felt better. By this point, though, the sight of lots of runners by the side of the road meant a decision to take it easy and revise the finish time was made – better to finish than to pull out!


After seeing family and some members of the Ukrainian community at mile 14, Holly at mile 18, (a lot of tube travel!), and some more family at mile 23 it was the final push to the finish; around Buckingham Palace and the finish line to much relief.

Running down the Mall towards the end was certainly an emotional experience; six months of training building up to just one final sprint, and knowing it was all over and I managed to do it and be thankful for all the supporters.

Finishing it in five hours and 14 minutes was slower than expected, but in the high of 24C heat it was safety first, and meeting family after for dinner and drinks was a good way to relax. That first pint back at the hotel was the nicest one so far this year; especially after 2 months avoiding any alcohol!)

I’m grateful to Dnipro Kids, which secured me a place in the marathon, and to members of the Scottish Ukrainian community, as well as other friends who Sponsored me, came along to fundraisers, or donated prizes in the Raffle to raise more funds in their droves.

Currently more than £2,300 raised so far. It’s hugely appreciated and will go a long way towards helping the fantastic work that Dnipro Kids does.

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