Dnipro Kids Update – September 2018


The last couple of months have been relatively quiet, but there have been a few changes at the orphanages we support. We have also been busy looking at various options for the Autumn trip for the kids, and this should be finalised soon for a trip at the start of October.

Igren orphanage closes

Sadly, the Igren orphanage has had to close, due to the fact that orphanage dad Slavik was offered a job that required him to move to Poland. It was a worry for us as to what would happen with the children there but, when the parents at the Shevchenko orphanage heard the news, they offered to take the children there. They have met the children many times during Dnipro Kids events and know them well.

Changes at the Shevchenko orphanage

As soon as the decision was made to take in the children from the Igren orphanage, the Shevchenko orphanage set about making some changes. With three boys and three girls due to arrive from the Igren orphanage they needed to organise two new bedrooms. The largest bedroom was split into two, with a dividing wall, and the dining area off the kitchen was turned into an additional bedroom.


The orphanage still required new beds and bedroom furniture, though, so Dnipro Kids was more than happy to step in and provide orphanage parents, Sergei and Nadya, with the funding they needed for this.

The finished result was excellent, albeit a bit of a squeeze, and the kids are settling in nicely in their new family home.

To try to create more room, Sergei and Nadya are contemplating converting their loft into living space. Some of you may remember Yuri and Ludmilla doing this at the nearby Hasanskaya orphanage, and Yuri has been round speaking to Sergei and Nadya about the planning of the project. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Birthday skating trip

For the autumn birthday trip the kids had asked if they could go skating at the Karavan shopping mall. Usually this means ice-skating, but during this month the rink was set up for roller-skating.

As you can see from the photos below, the kids had a great time.

After skating they chose to go for a McDonalds, and Natalie presented them with the birthday gifts they’d asked for.

Dima wanted headphones and a mini football

Sergei V wanted a new watch

Sergei F wanted bluetooth speakers

Dima asked for board games, and also got new t-shirt 

Denis wanted a travel case and picked himself a new t-shirt

Karina wanted a stylish bag

Yulia wanted a new backpack

Dima wanted cool trainers and new t-shirt

Natasha also wanted a travel case and a new purse

Katya wanted a new backpack

Sasha wanted new watch, and also got a t-shirt

Natalie said that the kids loved their birthday gifts.

Two girls head to university

Natsha and Luba, from the Puzir and Sobolyev orphanages, are heading off to University. Dnipro Kids made sure that both girls had our usual leaving packs to help settle them into their dormitories.

Natasha is heading off to the Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev. The Shevchenko University is one of the best in Ukraine, and everyone is so proud of Natasha’s achievements and getting accepted into such a prestigous university! Natasha will be studying Information Technology, and she has a real interest in cyber security. Having spent time with her over the last few years I know that she will do well.


Luba is also moving out of Dnipro, although is a little closer to home. Dniprodzerzhinsk is only about 35 miles west of Dnipro, and she has enrolled at the Medical College there.

Hasanskaya play area

Dnipro Kids are helping to fund the building of a play area for the kids at the Hasanskaya orphanage. As usual, Yuri is carrying out most of the construction work.

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