Dnipro Kids Update – May 2019


Apologies for the delay in getting another update out, but as it’s usually quite quiet after our Christmas party we’ve had to wait until the Spring Trip and birthday trip are completed to help us fill our update.

Tonya Leaves Hasanskaya Orphanage

Tonya has now left the Hasanskaya orphanage after turning 18 in February. Dnipro Kids has been lucky enough to be involved in Tonya’s life from our very early days, and our first orphanage at Odinkovka.

Our assistant, Natalie, was at Tonya’s farewell party and has sent the following report.

“We had a leaving party for Tonya at the Hasanskaya orphanage, with friends and people that had been involved in her life invited along. Guests told stories and shared their memories of Tonya. I spoke on behalf of Dnipro Kids and also showed a slide show of photos of Tonya from way back at the Odinkovka orphanage and from the many Dnipro Kids trips that she’d been on with us.


“As we all viewed these amazing photos it was hard not to get emotional, and to think how lucky Tonya had been to have found a home in Hasanskaya with lovely orphanage parents, Ludmilla and Yuri, and to have had the support of Dnipro Kids.

“Ludmilla told many lovely, and some funny, stories about Tonya, and how she was so proud to have had the pleasure of being in the life of a good, sensitive, caring and warm-hearted girl. She told of how great she was at helping around the kitchen, baking, and looking after the younger kids, and she will be sadly missed around the house.

“As always, there was lovely food laid on for everyone, and Tonya herself had made the delicious borscht soup.

“As a parting gift from Dnipro Kids, Tonya was given a leaving pack to help her settle in to her new home – a home she will be sharing with her older brother and sister. Dnipro Kids has also purchased a new bed for Tonya in her new home, and we hope that she will settle in comfortably.”

All the committee wish Tonya well.

New Arrival at Hasanskaya

Although it was very sad for Ludmilla and Yuri to see Tonya leave home, it does mean the start of a new chapter in the life of another orphan needing a caring and loving home.

They are happy to welcome nine-year-old Velizar into the Hasanskaya home. Velizar arrives from the city orphanage, where he has spent the past year. We will update you on his progress in our next newsletter.

Birthday Trip to Skating

For the spring birthday trip, the kids had asked if they could go skating at the City Most ice skating rink.
As you can see from the photos below, the kids had a great time.


After skating they chose to go for a McDonalds, and Natalie presented them with the birthday gifts they’d asked for.

Nadya, Vika and Vlad asked for new trainers.

Timur wanted a watch and Dima a small phone.

Margarita and Yulia wanted carry cases for their trips.

Masha wanted bluetooth earphones.

Yura asked for a portable power pack 

For their bedrooms, Artur asked for a swivel chair and Kiril wanted a nice table lamp.


And little Vladamir is a huge fan of Lego!

Natalie said that the kids all enjoyed the skating trip, and they loved their birthday gifts

Spring Trip to Waterpark

The waterpark trip to Kharkiv now seems to be an annual event. Whenever the orphanages are asked where they might like to go… “WATERPARK!” is shouted loudly. It combines the fun of play, relaxation for the orphanage parents, nice food, an overnight stay in a hotel and interesting excursions around Kharkiv the next day.

And a big thank you to Igor from the Stargorod Restaurant chain for once again supporting the charity with discounted meals for the kids in his restaurant in Kharkiv.

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