Dnipro Kids Update – August 2021


Due to a second lockdown in Ukraine this update has been a long time coming, but thankfully restrictions have eased and allowed us to do some events for the kids.We did try supporting activities around the home during the summer, and also had birthday events whenever possible, but we finally managed a proper event last month .. and it was an event that many of us may be able to relate to from our own childhoods .. read on.And reading this update, could I ask that you give the “Support Our Work” section at the end of the update a quick glance. It’s obviously been a tough year, both here and in Ukraine, and that includes our ability to fundraise. With no opportunities for turnstile collections or charity dinners our funds could also do with a little bit of extra help. Large or small, any donations received through our links at the end of the update will be gratefully received.Sports Equipment During LockdownAs we were unable to do any events over the summer, the Dnipro Kids committee decided that we should make sure that the orphanages had enough sports equipment to keep the kids occupied at home.Footballs, basketballs, badminton, play tunnels .. even a brand new table tennis table was delivered to the Sobolyev orphanage.All the orphanages, especially parents, said thank you for helping to keep the kids occupied during lockdown.Summer Birthday EventsWe managed two birthday events over the summer period. This would normally have been merged into one, but due to restrictions on numbers we had to separate them out.The first event was a trip to the ice rink and the second to the play area Crazyland, which has become a firm favourite with the kids.Birthday Trip to Ice RinkThis was the first birthday event, and restrictions meant that we could only do it for 5 of the kids. The kids were all a bit older so they chose to go to the ice skating rink at the Karavan shopping mall. After their time on the ice Natalie gave them their birthday gifts.Keen sportsmen Dima Borodin and Dima Shaforosov both asked for fitness watches, I think it’s a bit of a craze as it’s been a popular ask for birthdays. Margarita asked for Bluetooth ear pods and Yulia asked for a nice bag and a watch. Maxim wanted a new pair of Nike trainers. Birthday Trip to Crazyland.Trips to Crazyland are becoming a firm favourite with the kids, especially the younger ones, as there are so many different activities there .. laser guns, roller skating, mazes, trampolines, climbing walls, ball pits, air hockey, the list is almost endless .. or at least seems that way for the kids!  It also has nice food available in the cafe area.When it came to the birthday gifts Nastya and Katya had asked for a mixture of jogging bottoms, t-shirt, trainers and flip-flops. Yulia asked for a big cozy comfort blanket and Zhenya wanted a cool wristwatch. Dima wanted a remote control car and Zahar got so excited about his big “paint by numbers” picture that he had everyone laughing. Tolya wanted jeans and a toy car and Dima wanted a tracksuit. Natasha wanted silver earrings and little Nikita wanted a scooter. Not to be left off the birthday list were the lovely, hard working, orphanage mothers Ludmilla and Svetlana. Ludmilla got a nice perfume she really liked and Svetlana got a gift voucher to spend in the shopping mall.. All the kids said a thank you to Dnipro Kids for their birthday event. The orphanage mothers gave an even bigger thank you for an event they could never afford to be able to do, and said how great it was to see the kids running round with such big smiles on their faces.Berryland!!When Natalie first came to me with the idea of our first excursion to “Berryland” it brought back some great childhood memories of strawberry picking with my parents.I wonder how many of you reading this are now having those same memories?Berry picking doesn’t seem to have the same level of popularity it had when I was a kid, so I was a little taken aback that the orphanages seemed very keen on this particular excursion.However, as you will see from the photos below, my image of what “Berryland” might entail is somewhat different from the reality!Rather than give a running commentary, I’ll just let the photos tell the story of what kind of day the kids had.And as there are too many kids across our orphanages to take on one trip, you’ll be treated to more of the same on our next update with the other children going.      I hope you enjoyed the photos.

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