Dnipro Kids Update – August 2019


The charity has been very busy recently. As well as the events in this update, we have been very busy organising our annual excursion for the children. This year we are heading south, towards Kherson and the Black Sea. The excursion is almost finalised, and train tickets for everyone will be purchased this week.

Our annual excursion accounts for a huge chunk of our funding, and it is hugely dependent on the financial support received from our supporters. If you are able to support us please donate via the links at the bottom of this page.

You could also support Dnipro Kids through supporter James Brash, by making a small Just Giving donation as part of his sponsored Half Marathon for Dnipro Kids (details below).


Graduates Leave Orphanages for College

Ultimately, there comes a time when our orphanage kids have to leave home. Thankfully, a good education system, with State support for orphanage kids, allows a lot of them to move into college accommodation.

Last month we had Angelina, Karina, Lera and Nastya all move on and, of course, all four of them received their leaving gifts from Dnipro Kids. Included in these packages are bedding, dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils and towels. Over the years the feedback has always been positive about the gifts really helping them to settle into their new accommodation.

We were especially pleased to hear that Angelina had enrolled into the State College for Energy and Information Technology.

We wish the girls all the best for the future.

Milestone Birthday at Hasanskaya

The Hasanskaya orphanage regularly features in our updates, due mainly to the effort that Yuri and Ludmilla have put into their orphanage and the children in their care.

Asking a woman her age is something we have all been told is something you should never do…but when a milestone birthday comes around for someone as special as Ludmilla, it’s something that needs to be celebrated.

Last month Ludmilla turned 60!! (it came as a big surprise to us as well). Family and friends descended on the Hasanskaya orphanage to help this incredible woman celebrate her birthday.


If she was ever asked if she needed anything, Ludmilla would always tell people to get something for the kids. We had to use covert tactics, and information from her good friend, Nadya, to discover that she was needing a nice new leather handbag.

Birthday Trip to Bowling

For the autumn birthday trip, the kids had asked if they could go bowling. As you can see from the photos below, the kids had a great time.

After skating they chose to go for a McDonalds, where Natalie presented them with their birthday gifts.

Natasha, Luba, Yulia, Katya and Nastya all asked for new bags or backpacks.

Sergei asked for a mobile phone, and Denis wanted a smart watch

Sasha is into kick-boxing, and asked for a pair of boxing gloves

Sergei wanted a powerful charging pack, for all his electronic things, and Dima asked for Bluetooth speakers 

Vitali is on the lookout for an apprenticeship, and asked for some power tools to help him find his dream job 

Dnipro Kids representative Natalie said that the kids all enjoyed the trip, and they loved their birthday gifts.

James Brash doing half marathon for Dnipro Kids

Dnipro Kids supporter James Brash has entered the upcoming Perth Half Marathon, and has started a Just Giving page for sponsorship. James’ parents, Nicky and David, used to host children as part of the Chernobyl Children charity, and have also followed the fortunes of Dnipro Kids over the last few years.

James is very close to reaching his target of £750, so if you can help support him to reach that target it would greatly appreciated.

All funds go straight towards the support we provide for the orphanage kids, such as the upcoming excursion to the Black Sea, so even if you don’t know James any donations will help us to continue providing support for the orphanage children.

Use the link below to go to James’ Just Giving page and make a donation.


Please Support Our Work

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