Child Sponsorship Update


It is proving to be a very difficult time for us with regards to the regular updates that you have been used to in the past. A lot of the children are being moved from orphanage to orphanage to foster home and it is difficult to carry out as many updates with children moving around so much. It is hoped that most of the upheaval should be completed by the end of the summer and there will be a full review of individual sponsorships and a full update on events. Please bear with us on this, but please know that all the sponsored kids are still receiving the same level of assistance and will of course be included in all of our planned summer activities.

And if you are not already a Child Sponsor, and you have the means to do so, I would urge you to consider sponsorship of the children that we support in Dnipro. Your monthly contributions will assist in providing birthday, Christmas and summer trips for these kids as well as helping to support the many other projects that we fund for the children.

As you can see from the previous story, you have the ability to follow the fortunes of your sponsored children, with regular updates and photos.

For details about sponsorship please email me directly <

Download the Dnipro Child Sponsorship Form